Pierre has a somehow atypical background. Born in Paris at the beginning of the 60’s, and after a colourful teenagehood spent, as they say, to ‘learn life’, he started his life on the microphone as a radio jock when the stations where still pirate and left one day this rather smokey environment to become a copywriter for illustrious advertising agencies (Publicis, Lintas, Ted Bates…) where the offices were quite… foggy too – that was the 80’s baby!!

For the TV commercials and radio spots he creates, he is lucky enough to have produced some of the most talented French voice over artists of the time.

Mid 80s, he leaves everything to travel and live in the USA for one year because why not and then, early 90’s, moves to London UK where he sits behind the mic again and becomes the voice of many brands, both in French and in French-accented English: Renault, Disney, Apple, Levi’s, Polaroid, Dolce & Gabbana, Kelloggs, Stella Artois, Axe, Dell, Canon, McDonald’s, Amnesty International, Kikkoman… His copywriting skillset is useful as he’s then asked to also write many TV spots. He’s also featured in many games such as Guitar Hero, Heavenly Sword, Metal Gear Solid, MotoGP, Colin McRae Rally…
There, he sets up a casting direction and audio production company and as part of it, produces many voice over sessions, mainly for TV commercials and promos.

To his broadcast imaging credits: continuity voice of Discovery France and ESPN France, promo voice of MTV, National Geographic, CNN, Bloomberg, Sky, Cartoon Network…
Pierre is also voice over coach, mentor and the author of a French voice over blog covering all aspects of the voice over industry (in French).


Raider poster, conception Pierre Maubouché, Grand Prix de l’Affichage 1986

Today, he shares his working time between France and the UK, working in Paris and London studios as well as from his own broadcast-compliant facility in South West France. He is the proud (and very smug) father of little twin boys, is a motorbike addict, finds meditation in cabinet making and loves cooking for his family and friends.

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