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Professional European French voice over man, genuine French accent

Pierre Maubouché,
professional French voice over

Meet Pierre Maubouché, French voice over man

Pierre voice overPierre Maubouché AKA “the French Voice” is a very experienced native male French voice over artist, from France (not Canada, Belgium or Switzerland), living in France. He works in French and also, being bilingual, in English with French accent, from very subtle to verrrry strrrrong. So when looking for that perfect continental voice, why settle for fake when you can have the real McCoy of French voiceovers?

Pierre has been cast by the most prestigious advertising agencies and the best production companies to voice the TV commercials, radio spots, podcasts, corporate and promo videos of some of the biggest brands on the planet such as Apple, Renault, Coca Cola, Dolce & Gabbana, Disney, McDonald’s, Xbox, Axe, BP, Dell, Heineken, Canon… (see Client List)

He has also been picked by the largest TV networks (ESPN, Discovery, MTV, National Geographic, BBC, Bloomberg, Cartoon Network…) to be the continuity voice of their channels, to record their promos, idents and imaging.

Casting directors worldwide have also chosen him to voice countless games, cartoons and movies.

Pierre has an impressive list of prestigious Clients. Prestigious, and satisfied: read their comments here.

You’ve heard him (definitely), you’ve liked him (hopefully), now you too can book him – instantly.


TV & Web Spots

Internet Promos & Explainers

Corporate & Industrial Films

Network Continuity, Imaging, Idents, Promos

French-accented English



His Client list grows every day – thanks to all of them for their trust and repeat business!

Apple – Amnesty International – American Express – Acdelco – Alfa Romeo – Acuvue – MTV – ITV – Guinness – Eukanuba – Apidra – Kikkoman – Allianz – Alcatel Lucent – Distinction Armagnac – Aer Lingus – Adidas – Discovery Chanel – Adrenalini – Ferrari – Film – Fanta – Euro trash – Extreme – Eurostar – ESPN – Esso – Epson – Eriscsson – Wuaki – Energizer – EGG – Eloctrolux – EDS – DOW – Easy Jet- Dolce & Gabbana – Disney Store – Dockers – Disney – Discovery Science – Digital – Del Monte – DHl – DELL – Cointreau – CNN – Coca-Cola – Clarks – Chevrolet – Chivas Regal – Case – Cartoon Network – Carlsberg – Callaway Golf – Canon – BP – BT – Four Roses Bourbon – BMW – BMI – Bloomberg Television – Bertolli – BBC – Bally – Bach – Bacardi – Audi – AXE – Aquafreh – First Choice – Xbox 360 – Xerox – Warne Bross – Volvo – VISA – Virgin train – Versace – Universal Studio Florida – TWI – UNICEF – Trivial Poursuit – Toyota – TNT – Thuraya – The Observer – The Independent – Texaco – Tetley – Tektronix – TCM – Suzuki – Strepsils – Stella Artois – Sony – Sky …


I wanted to personally thank you for the work you’ve done for us this last year. It’s been a true pleasure to work with you and the result was absolutely top class – you gave a real identity to the channel.

Anne-Sophie Channoux,
Channel Director, Discovery France

To simply label Pierre “vocal talent” would be a serious understatement. This guy is a full-blown actor. He became Ben the Bodyguard in an instant – not only lending Ben his voice, but giving him a soul in the process.

Stefan Telegdy,
CEO Nerd Communications, & Partner, Embassy Of Dreams

I have been working with Pierre for the best part of two decades. I adore Monsieur Maubouche. Not only is an incredibly talented voiceover but he is an absolute joy to work with. He is accomodating, versatile and offers good advice on translations, scripts and direction where required. I can’t recommend him highly enough. Book him, book him now.

Nicola Gilbert,
Deputy MD, Grand Central Recording Studios

Over the many years I’ve worked with Pierre, he’s never failed to deliver the goods. He’s always quick to grasp what’s required while constantly delivering beyond expectations and he is a true pleasure to record and work with. As a sound engineer working in a high-end London facility, I’m also really impressed with the quality of voice recordings produced by his own studio.

Iain Grant,
Sound Engineer, WAM London (ex-Triangle)

Ever since we launched voice over continuity on Discovery Channel France (about a year ago) Pierre has been the man behind the voice on the screen. Not only is he an excellent voice over artist but he consistently demonstrates impressive writing skills while working to very tight deadlines. Pierre is very reliable, good at what he does and last but not least a very friendly person. Oh, and he can make a very nice car engine impression.

Erwann Guirriec,
On-Air Producer, Discovery France

From the excellent reaction we received to the French version of our marketing video Une Vidéo de Marque Générique, we know Pierre’s adaptation of the poem into French and his performance were very effective. Pierre is an excellent communicator and a pleasure to work with.

John Palfrey,
Brand Director, Dissolve

Pierre provided the perfect balance of clarity for an international audience with authenticity.

Jess Wardle,
Account Director, M&C Saatchi

A very distinctive voice that increased the quality of the creative. Thanks again.

Martin Laing,
Producer, Turner Commercial Productions for CNN


Pierre Maubouche voix offFor Pierre’s biography, these attributes instantly spring to mind: deep, manly, rich, authoritative, convincing, commanding, gravelly, cavernous, booming, smoky, husky, raspy, gritty, tough, rough, gruff, hard, action hero-like…

But also these, less obvious and yet an intrinsic, important part of his body of work: genuine, gentle, caring, warm, sexy, velvety, smooth, softly spoken and suave, classy, sophisticated, groovy, current, trendy…

In any case, Pierre’s voice, with a ‘tunable’ strength, gravitas and projection, adapts swimmingly to the brief. He switches effortlessly from a rich, strong, authoritative, commanding voice to lighter, cooler, softer, more intimate tones. To check this out just listen to his voice over audio reels, commercials, promos etc.

Pierre is a very experienced, native French voice over man, living in France – the real McCoy of French voice overs. Just to make it startlingly clear, Pierre’s mother tongue is French, from France – seems obvious enough but it’s always reassuring to know that the talent you’re considering is the genuine article.

His accent is neutral French and being originally from Paris he can also speak with a proper, real Parisian accent. So whether you’re looking for neutral or Parisian French, why settle for less when you can have the real thing? Indeed, he is often seen as the first choice for advertising – TV commercials and radio spots, corporate work, TV promos, continuity, imaging and idents both in French and in French-accented English (being bilingual allows him to adjust his French accent in English, from subtle to verrrry strrrrong!)

Pierre has recorded countless corporate videos as well as commercials for many brands including Apple, General Electrics, Dell, McDonald’s, X Box, Kelloggs, BMW, Visa, Sony, Kikkoman, Renault, Dolce & Gabbana, Stella Artois, HP, The Red Cross, Versace, Heineken, Amnesty International, Suzuki, Polaroid (…)

See Client List


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For all enquiries regarding rates, availability and bookings as well as general enquiries, please use this contact form or the contact details below.

Email: pierre@thefrenchvoice.com

Phone: +33 9 66 02 92 73

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